A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is my application to LD31 Game Jam, it was made in 72 hours with the theme of 'Entire game on one screen'.

The Gameplay is simple, simply avoid being crushed, macerated or vaporised.

Install instructions

Windows download Mechanism.exe, if you encounter a problem try the .jar

Mac OS X download Mechanism.zip, extract then double click the .app to play. If you encounter a problem try the .jar

Linux download the Mechanism.sh, if you encounter a problem then try the .jar

If you encounter an issue in the .jar, please email me at rushpixel@hotmail.com

For LD and anyone who wants to know how it works I've included the source.


Mechanism.jar (9 MB)
Mechanism.exe (8 MB)
Mechanism.sh (7 MB)
Mechanism.zip (7 MB)
source.zip (7 MB)